Ultimate Butt Lift Workout

If Mother Nature hasn’t blessed you with a beautiful, perfectly round and firm backside, don’t lose hope, we can still shape and chisel through good old-fashioned hard work.  I used to try to accomplish this on my own through endless donkey kicks, body weight squats and aerobic classes.  This never got the job done.  After years of training for figure, bikini and powerlifting competitions, I finally learned how to go about getting a better booty;)  I’m sharing with you my workout from yesterday.  It’s an aggressive workout so tweak it to your fitness level, but remember, it’s a big muscle so you want to train it with determination.  I get after it by training the legs twice a week. One of those days is focused completely on the glutes.

This is a 50 sec clip on one of my favorite exercises I do to target the glutes…

Ultimate Butt Lifting Workout
Sumo Squats with barbell (beginners use dumbells) 4×10-12
Box squats with Barbell (beginners body weight) *get low and sit on the box then stand 4×12 reps
Superset with Jump lunges for 20reps
Cable rear leg extension 3×12
Box Step ups 2×10
Box Jumps 3×10
Superset with Jump rope 1 min
Skaters 3×30 sec
Superset with Jump Rope 1 min


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