Transforming Through Brokenness

I love it when God speaks to my heart like having a heartwarming conversation with a good old friend. I can’t say this happens often to me, but when it does, I’m grateful. Today was one of those days.

The past few years have been emotionally, spiritually and physically depleting. After my divorce I felt like my whole world had turned upside down. For a year after the divorce I felt like I was underwater trying to survive in a world I didn’t understand. If you have experienced loss of a loved one or a broken relationship, I am sure you can relate.

The long and short of it is that I did survive.  I have found love and I’m on the upside of life. From time to time I still struggle with guilt and weariness of spirit like an old broken down house. As I was going about my morning, preparing workout notes for classes and getting ready for church, I was thinking on it a bit in the back of my mind.  I felt God speaking to my heart about my transformation, how it’s not completed.

When I went to church the minister at church spoke on not staying stuck in your brokenness.  It was exactly what I needed to hear. He shared how that there is an artform that is revered in Japan for repairing broken pottery.  The cracks are filled with a gold resin so it makes the piece more valuable than it was before.

brokenThe fragileness of the pottery, yet how resilient it is shows it’s beauty.  Being human, we are going to do things that might hurt others & we will make some wrong choices.  The important thing is to not stay stuck in the guilt and hurt.  Maybe you are like me & in the process of becoming.  Show yourself compassion.  This is not selfish, on the contrary, you will be more gracious and loving to others.

How do you not stay stuck when memories flood your mind?  For me, it’s accepting Christ’s healing, & knowing He doesn’t want me broken.  Also, I bring myself to this truth: I am not who I used to be.  I am learning to love, value and appreciate the woman I am today.  I am a better friend, minister and daughter.



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