Mental Boost To Improve Your Workouts: secret of successful training

021This past week when I went to the gym, I forgot my cell phone.  For a moment I felt like a piece of me was missing, & my boat was a bit rocked.  I mean, what if my friend tries to call?  I won’t be able to research an idea in between sets.  What if I miss a text from someone?  Then I thought it was for the best.  The world can get along fine without me for an hour.

How many people really concentrate and get into their training?  My workout was the better for it because I got into a zone and had present moment attention to the exercise at hand.  The secret to successful training is to put the mind into the muscle.  This means you have to be “IN” your body and feel the muscle you are working.  Feel it, squeeze it and be in control of the weight.  Instead of thinking about your meeting or what you are going to have for dinner, focus on what you are doing.  This time is about you.


This is when you are aware of your thoughts and feelings, but you no longer let them be in the driver’s seat of your behavior or life.


I know I come across as a peaceful, easy-going sweetie pie, but, like everyone, I have my shadows & alter ego;)  I am committed to the practice of self-awareness and the present moment.  Mastering your potential has a lot to do with focus.  You think about the next rep, squat, lay-up or the next dish you are washing.  This can greatly benefit various forms of training, career endeavors & relationships.

One pointed attention enables us to become fully present.  Our minds are quiet and we can enter a flow.  Biblically speaking, Jesus Christ’s life was in the flow.  One example is when he was surrounded by crowds of people, yet he felt a touch of faith on the hem of his garment from a sick & weak woman.  Christ’s life, though short, was powerful and profound.

Learning to be in the moment can lift the quality of your training and life.  Becoming unstoppable depends more on mental focus than physical skill.



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