Detox Without Starving

435  Are you ready to feel more energy, get rid of the belly bloat, have a glow to your skin & eyes, and an aura that exudes healthy confidence?  Then you will want to participate in this week’s goal to detox the body through healthy eating.  This week I will be posting some of the meals that I eat on the regular as well as the supplements and vitamins I take for optimum health.

I have never been on a liquid diet to cleanse, but I have always capitalized on my body’s natural detoxification system by eating clean & healthy.  You can do this too, and in the process find a love for health & fitness that will make you CRAVE this way of life!  You will notice the difference in how you feel & you won’t want to go back to unhealthy habits.

It’s really so simple & that is a good thing!  Generally when we overcomplicate something, it never works.  Here is where to begin…

 Commit to eat clean & healthy (eliminate processed foods, & replace them with healthy foods).  I want you to get the most out of this week, or whenever you choose to begin, so let’s commit to this & feel good about creating healthy habits in your life.

I start my day with a glass of water to get my digestive system flowing.  I also take a variety vitamins along with a healthy breakfast.


The stress of daily life along with training can be demanding.  These are the vitamins I take to support my immunity, energy levels & to help my body age well.

Get your metabolism revved & power in your day by eating a healthy breakfast.  I want you to try this recipe 2+ times this week to help you debloat and get the benefits of the high anti-inflammatory omega-3s found in this breakfast.

     Coconut Chia Pudding

036When I first bought Chia Seeds, they kinda freaked me out a bit;) They have now become a fav of mine.  They are packed with Omega 3’s & fiber so they will fill you up & help you debloat.  Mix the following ingredients together before bed, and wake up to a tasty and nutritious breakfast in the morning.


3 TBS of Chia Seeds

1 cup of almond coconut milk (unsweetened)

1/2 TBS Honey

*sprinkle of stevia (optional)

Mix chia seeds, coconut milk and honey together in a bowl or mason jar.  Let it set in the frig overnight.  Top it with your favorite fruit and enjoy!

Commit to eating clean this week and your body will thank you!



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