3 Steps To Get Results In Your Body & Life


About 4 years ago I was an Intern Chaplain at a hospital in Ohio.  I was finishing up my summer program, & just weeks away from making a big move to New Orleans.  I am an emotive person & can cry with just about anyone, however, I noticed that I was doing this more than usual.  I came to my supervisor because I didn’t want to freak out the patients.  I was also conflicted & questioning my decision to move.  He explained that I was grieving, & he then gave me advice that continues to empower my life today.

He said, “be a heroine in your own life’s journey.”  By appealing to my yearning for adventure and personal power, I was able to go after my dreams instead of making excuses for not taking a risk.


Many people have dreams to lose weight, get in shape & have optimum health, however, their actions contradict them.  They say this & in the same breath list their reasons for not taking action.  ie.”I have to work all the time.  I have to take my kids to soccer & cheerleading practice.  My husband brings home junk food.  My thyroid is out of wack.”

As a society we are so quick to place the blame everywhere else but with the man or woman in the mirror.  These excuses hold you back from living the life you imagine. It’s time for the buck to stop with you.  Relinquish the victim mentality &  stop waiting for Superman to save you.  Stop waiting for Bob Harper to show up at your door or for Dr. Oz to expose some magic weight loss prescription.  It’s time for you to dust off your own cape & show up for yourself.


When we blame our parents, the personal trainer, the dog & everybody and their brother for why we can’t lose weight, find a job, or have happiness we relinquish our power.  Stop the finger pointing & take 100% responsibility for your own life.


  1. BE REAL.  Get honest with where you are in wanting change.  If you aren’t ready to take action, admit it.
  2. BE YOUR OWN HERO.  Decide to take on this new way of thinking.
  3. BE ABOUT IT.  Adopt the attitude, “change begins with me.”  You deserve better.  GO EARN IT!!!

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