Total Body Workout You Can Do At Home

If you are in a hurry or looking for a way to maximize your time then working out at home is a great option!  I have put together a total body workout that will work your core, balance and tone you up.  I know the grind of daily life can make working out seem too hard but it can be done.  Even if you can only workout for 10 min. do what you can.

Focus on finding the solution and take charge of your health and fitness. 

You can perform this workout as a circuit by going through each exercise without stopping and rest when you have completed all of the exercises.  The other option is to perform a set of and exercise, rest 30-45 sec. then repeat the same exercise again.

  1. Your 1st exercise is a glut bridge.  Lift and lower your hips and make sure to press through the heel of your shoe when lifting.  Perform 2 sets 25 reps for beginners.  Advanced 3 sets 25.


2.  Your 2nd exercise is a squat with a shoulder press.  Hold the dumbells at shoulder height as you squat, then press them overhead when you stand.  Beginners 2 sets of 12-15.  Advanced 3 sets of 15-20

3.  Balance dumbbell rows.  You can start by keeping the toe down on the ground then raise the leg up once you feel stable.  Beginners 2 sets 10 Advanced 3 sets 12.


4.  Push ups.  You can perform these on your knees for a modification.  Make sure to keep your abs and lower back tight.  Beginners 2×15  Advanced 3×15

5.   Curtsey Lunge.  Take a big step back at a diagonal angle, lunge, step center and perform a bicep curl.  Repeat this on the other side.  Beginners 2×10 (each leg) Advanced 3×12







6.  Tricep Dips.  Perform this off a chair or bench that is secure.  Keep your tush close to the chair when you lower down.  Beginners 2×12  Advanced 3×12-15

7.  Ball Pass.  Start with the ball behind your head.  Bring your legs up and pass the ball off to the legs & lower down toward the floor.  Beginners 2×8-10  Advanced 3×10-12


8.  Knee tuck.  Position your shins on the ball.  Hold your core tight as you pull your knees in to your chest.  2×12


Advanced version is a Pike Press on the ball.  Perform 3×10-12


Enjoy your workout!  Let me know if you have questions.


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