Something Better Is Coming Soon

I am realizing more and more that life is unpredictable and you have to make the best of the situations that are in front of you.  This isn’t always a bad thing.  Actually, it’s very possible that it is a blessing in disguise.


Sure the idea of safe living where you never risk disappointment sounds nice, but it’s a myth.  Helen Keller said it perfectly, “there is no such thing as security in nature…Life is either a daring adventure or nothing!”

Life and fitness, they are an adventure!   This outlook will put you in a state of positive expectation and invoke good things to flow into your life.  God has your back.  He has your best interest at heart.

Open the eyes of your heart to serendipity because that secret wish, that innermost desire, it could happen.  If it doesn’t, you will survive, just give yourself a time limit on a pity party, then shake the dust off your wings and fly again!







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