Summer Shred Workout

022 Ready to kick it up a notch and light up your metabolism to get in shape for the summer?  This high intensity interval workout will get you on your way!  Running on a treadmill or Elliptical can get boring, especially when the weather is nice.  My summer shred workout can be done outdoors and replace those monotonous cardio machines.  I  do a workout like this about 1-2 times a week in place of running and I love it!

Here are some brief exercise descriptions:

Dumbbell swings:  (or Kettlebell swings)  Grab one dumbbell and swing it between your legs.   Dynamically swing the weight up and thrust your hips forward.

Plank thrusts:  Assume a push up position.  Keep your legs straight as you jump your feet them toward your hands.

Single leg jump:  Squat on one leg and touch the floor with the opposite hand (ie. squat on right leg, reach to the floor with the left hand), then dynamically jump up on that working leg and reach the arms overhead.

Spider push ups:  As you perform the push up, bring the right knee toward the right elbow.  Alternate to the left.

Prisoner Squats:  Place your hands behind your head and perform a deep squat.  Your tempo should be moderate to fast.

Side Plank:  Place your left forearm under your shoulder.   Stack your legs and extend them out to your right side.  Push your hips up high and hold.  repeat on the other side.

You can modify this and make the workout your own.  I like to throw in Jump Roping or Squat Jumps.  The key is to perform explosive types of movements and exercises that work your core.



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