Leaps of Faith: There are no “wrong” decisions

Sometimes you just have to take the leap, and build your wings on the way down.  Kobi Yamada


Indecision is an enemy to dreams.  While you are second guessing yourself & waiting around on all the answers, opportunities are being stolen right out from under you.  I have been accused of being a, “ready, fire, aim,” person.  That generally provides for a mess.  Sometimes I get lucky, but more often than not, it’s a fiasco.  I am learning to appreciate the wisdom in taking a calculated risk.

It is a balance of action and faith to realize your dreams.  Even with my impatient nature, I want the plan laid out with details, & unfortunately this rarely happens.  If you are going to realize your dreams then get ready to be uncomfortable.  The end result will make it all worthwhile.  When a Mama Eagle is teaching her eaglets to fly she will bring twigs & burrs into the cozy nest to make them uncomfortable.   She will even push her eaglets to the edge of the nest to get them to fly.   In the same way we have to get so dissatisfied with our present condition that we will take the leap of faith.

The pain of staying the same has to become greater than the pain of change.

I hear genuine heart touching stories from people who want to lose weight, but I can tell in 2-5 minutes if they are really going to move forward with their desire.  Most of the time they haven’t hit that “bottom of the pit” where they are serious about doing what it takes to achieve their goals.  It’s not that they don’t want it, but the pain of staying the same isn’t strong enough yet to prompt change.  This is true not only for weight loss but any addiction or habit we want to break.

We all have to go through our process to learn and grow, but the time comes when, on a wing and a prayer, you gotta take the leap.  Okay, so you might make a big splash and have to give it a go again…at least you can do it this time more intelligently:)  On the other hand, you might experience spontaneous brilliance and soar like the eagle.  Sometimes you have to follow through with a decision to realize that thing you thought you wanted, you don’t want.

Making any decision is better than no decision at all.  The important piece is to commit.  When you truly commit, then Providence moves too.



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