4 Exercises For Sexy and Shapely Shoulders

The thighs, glutes, & abs get so much attention in our workouts, but the shoulders are just as important to a shapely physique.  Strong shoulders  improve your posture, prevent injury and increase confidence.

When you sport shapely round shoulders it will make any tank top, off the shoulder top, or hot little black dress look stunning! 

If you start now you have just enough time to get those shoulders summer ready!  Get started with doing these four moves consistently, two times per week & you will get results.


*Weight Selection is crucial.  Set a weight that is heavy enough to be a challenge.  You should have to fight for your last 2-3 reps while maintaining  good form.*

*Warm up with a light weight, 5-8lbs, and perform 8 reps of the following:  lateral raise, front raise, rear fly and shoulder press.*

  1. Barbell or Smith Machine Shoulder Press:  3×10-12 reps
  2. Lateral Raise:  3×12
  3. Barbell Upright row WIDE grip:  I want to hit the lateral head, that is why I like the wide grip.  3×10-12
  4. Bent Over Rear Fly:  3×10-12

*If you feel good and want a pump, grab some dumbbells and perform 2 sets of overhead presses for 20 reps.

I have to give props to my client for being my model this morning during her training session:)  She is a great sport.  Thank you!



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