A Twist On Push-ups

This week I have been inspired by people I’ve met in the gym who are beginners to the whole fitness world.  They have inspired me by their bravery to try something new that makes them uncomfortable & pushed beyond their comfort zone.

It’s pretty awesome to witness the triumph they find in overcoming their fear.  Their whole person lights up!  They discover they could enter a gym & not turn around to leave right away.  They could take a bootcamp class they didn’t think they had any business being in & make it through the whole workout.


There is so much more to working out than just the aesthetic reasons.  One of the reasons I enjoy training hard is because it makes me feel strong & alive.  What is something you can do to challenge your comfort zones?  Maybe it’s as simple as trying an exercise you don’t think you can do.

I was so proud of both of my bootcamp classes this week.  I threw in some Spidy Push-ups, & even though they weren’t thrilled about the exercise, they went after it.  Sure, their form wasn’t like Spiderman scaling a wall, but they did their best version!

Why don’t you throw these into your next workout.  You can keep yourself in one spot, or you can find an open area to be able to move forward.  Perform about 16-20 reps.  I suggest doing a giant superset with these thrown into the mix.  For example, if you want to work your abs do decline crunches, then leg lifts then the Spidy Push-ups.


  1. Begin in a push up position.  Hold your abs and lower back tight.
  2. Move your left hand forward and bring your right knee toward your right elbow.  Keep your body streamlined.
  3. Move your right hand forward as your perform a push-up.  Bring the left knee to the left elbow.

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