The ABsolute Truth About Getting Killer ABs

You have probably heard the rhetoric that abs are made in the kitchen & that it’s 30% gym and 70% diet.  I used to believe this until recently.  Now I feel like that is kind of messed up.  It’s actually 100-100 on all fronts.  If one area is being overlooked you will not get the results you are after in your abs.

It’s crazy how obsessed we can get with our abs, & it seems the more we obsess the more they elude us.  In the gym I see people who work out like feans & do all kinds of ab exercises, but they still can’t seem to lean out the midsection.  Sure, they give 100% to their workouts, but notta doggone thing to their diet.

The hardcore truth is that you can’t out crunch a bad diet.

It’s a strange analogy to compare ab training with a love relationship, but there is a strong component they share in achieving success.  You gotta be all in!!!  If one person is holding back, the relationship is going to suffer.

I also bought into that lie that a successful relationship is when both people give 50-50.  I now realize that it has to be 100%.  You can’t hold back & not be totally committed if you want to have a healthy and intimate relationship.

I know you want to achieve results from all your hard work in the gym.  Be all in & commit to giving your body the justice it deserves.  Your body is working hard for you, so give it the nutritious and healthy food it needs.  Stop eating processed & packaged food.  Drink a gallon of water a day.  Pay more attention to food labels.

Not only are you going to have sexy abs, but you will be giving your future self the gift of a stronger core to provide for a better quality of life.

                                                                                                                                                                                                           ab with medicine ball

                                     *Adding weight resistance to your ab exercises is important to toning up the core.  The medicine ball is a great way to do this.



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