Bribe Yourself Fit

We all know someone who seems to be on a perpetual diet.  They are always at the gym & watching what they eat, yet they continue to pack on the pounds.  They might lose a bit but only to gain more back.  Maybe this someone is you?  If so, then I want to propose an idea that will take the pressure off & bring a fresh outlook into the way you approach your fitness and weight.

Lord knows we have enough stress in our lives & we sure don’t need getting fit adding to it!  Not to mention it was probably stress related events that got you going to the gym and thinking about what you eat anyway.

The scary thing is stress makes us fat.  It disrupts our body’s metabolism & causes the body to store fat.  If we don’t learn how to handle to grind of daily life then it’s going to be an uphill battle.

Lets take a step back and instead of calling it a diet, lets call it an attitude change.  I hate the word diet.  How much more negative can it get with the word “die” in it?  We immediately anticipate being deprived and wig ourselves out of success.

Depriving yourself will never give you sustainable weight loss success, but a simple attitude change can transform your experience into something positive.

Your Attitude Change Plan:

  1. Shift your focus away from losing weight & place your attention on being healthy.

For example, instead of seeing food as a guilty pleasure, view it as nourishing your body.

Your body has been depleted from caregiving, working, the demands of everyday life.  Recharge your batteries with eating nutritious food and giving it an outlet through exercise to release the stress.

Instead of thinking about how much you hate the gym & how hard-working out is, view it as a stress reliever and life-giving.

2.    Find a way to make it fun.

A fun idea is to bribe yourself fit.  Place a bet with a co-worker of $50-100 that you CAN stick to a workout and healthy eating program for 6 months.  By doing this you will up your success rate by 97%!

Another version of this idea is to schedule your workouts and for everyone you make put $2-5 in a jar.  The money goes toward a special reward for you like a spa visit or a shopping trip to buy clothes that fit you better with your leaner physique:)

3.    Focus on gratitude.

The law of attraction is always in effect, so when you find your thoughts meandering toward what you don’t like then get back to happy.  You can instantly jolt yourself out of negativity by being thankful.

Instant Mood Lifters that will put you in a state of gratitude:)

  • Call a friend that makes you laugh.
  • Go for a drive or walk by the lake.
  • Dance around your house.  *motion creates emotion
  • Make love.
  • Find a joke and tell it to someone.

This might all seem trite, but it works and you will be the healthier and happier for it!


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