Why Resting Is Good For Your Health

1795714_652224321502658_1841336441_n  How much do you care about the things you care about?  Strange question but think about it.  When you struggle with motivation to get in a workout, lose concern for people, stop laughing as much, the creative juices have gotten stale, or you lose interest in things you love then you are too busy.

It’s so easy to buy into the idea that the harder we work the better the payoff, but for all the rushing that we do, it really doesn’t get us farther ahead.  Actually it can diminish passion.  Before you know it you have lost touch with feeling fully alive & wild at heart.  The irreplaceable things like celebrating your own success over an accomplishment to lingering in bed with your husband or playing in the pool with your kid can be squandered by the pursuit of the next thing.

When we lose our passion everything is a drudgery.  There is immense value in rest and taking time for yourself.   God gave us a the gift of the Sabbath, a day to rest and rejuvenate.  The Sabbath is an archaic term but it’s relevant to our health.  Even if you are not religious it can still be a practice to reorient you to living in the present & toward nurturing your spirit, soul and body.

Exercise is a stress on the body.  It can be hard to take day off from the gym but what helps me reel it in is knowing that I don’t get more fit in the gym.  The strength gains come when we are eating, resting & sleeping.  The body gets to work at repairing the heart & muscles that were broken down in the gym so you become stronger than before.

A simple expression might be that every time you work ‘out’, make sure you work ‘in’, Bodyrocktv.

For every withdrawal you make do something to nourish your body and soul.  It could be as simple as reading this blog, watching a segment of ESPN, or making some good homemade food.  Eat well, rest up and take time to care for you, Healthy Justice’s orders:)  Psalm 46:10 Be still and know that I am God.




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