Weight Train Like An Athlete

Have you ever seen an out of shape athlete?  Most of them are in incredible shape & walk around with well-earned swag partly because of their lean defined physiques.  I want you to get your swag & feel confident in your skin.

Maybe you played sports in high school or college & have noticed you’ve lost some umph, agility and ease of movement.  Conventional workouts and diets are helpful, but reaching your potential will eventually take you to a place where you need to change your approach.  A simple shift in focus can get you to there.

Change your focus off appearance and set it on performance. 

  1. Workouts matter.  I don’t take off if I’m tired or not feeling in the mood.  Every workout matters to my performance.  When it comes to workouts it’s time to get real and get after it.
  2. Provides variety & keeps it interesting.  Why be satisfied with only training one specific way?  Hit all modalities: fat loss, muscle-building, endurance, speed, & power.
  3. Achieve Personal Bests.  Competing with your best self will empower you to go beyond status quo.  Ask yourself, “Can I put up 2 more reps?  Can I go faster on the treadmill?”  Never be satisfied.  STAY HUNGRY.

Think of ways to take your typical workouts & make them more athletic by integrating power, core, and dynamic movements.  Here is a sample of a workout I did last week that focused on my back, core and plyometrics.

Round 1:  Pullups 12x, Standing Russian Twist (not sure what to call this;) 8-10x; Bench hops 30x:  repeat 3x

Standing Russian:  Place an end of a Barbell in a corner of a squat rack.  Place wt. on one end (I do 25lbs)  Rotate the BB up and around to the left then up and around to the right.  If you are doing it right you will feel it in your back & serratus muscles.


Bench Hops:  Stay light on your feet and bound from one side of the bench to the other.  Maintain a quick tempo.


Round 2:  Reverse Grip Pulldown 10-12x (or to keep it in one location you can do underhand grip BB row); Dumbbell Plank Rows 12x; Weighted Squat Thrusts 10-12x.  Repeat 3x

Plank row:  Maintain plank position as you row dumbbell up.  Place it down and perform a push up then row to the other side.







Squat Thrusts: Squat to the ground like you are doing a deadlift.  Place weights down as you thrusts legs back into a plank position.  Perform a pushup then jump your legs back in and stand.


Round 3:  Close grip pull ups to failure; Spidermans 12-16x; Side plank dips 15x  Repeat 3x

*Spidermans:  see my post “A Twist On Pushups”

*Side plank dips:  get into a side plank position.  Lower your hip toward the floor then press back up.




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