How To Slay Your Giant

This week I will be facing a giant.  This giant is part of a fear that I’ve had for half of my life, & it’s one of many standing in the way of my future career plans.

It may sound ridiculous, but dissecting a rat is a HUGE issue for me.  In the past when I’ve seen blood being drawn or been exposed to some type of medical procedure, I’ve become light-headed & usually end up fainting.   I’ve avoided this type of work my whole life, but after a lot of reflection I have decided to work toward being a nurse.

rat(sorry, lol, I had to make it real with a pic from my textbook…)

What is the giant in your life that is standing between you and the life you desire?  Maybe your giant is an addiction to food, alcohol or drugs.  Or maybe it is some type of fear that has haunted you most of your life.

The fears in your life will not go away until you face them.  Is it scary?  YES!  Is it risky?  YES!  Is it challenging?  YES!  But living in fear, avoidance, & below your potential is not a life of freedom.

One of my favorite stories in the Bible comes from I Samuel 17 when David fights Goliath.  For 40 days Goliath taunted the army of Israel until David showed up.

You might have some fears that have been taunting your most of your life.  It’s time to get sick and tired of being sick and tired.  It’s time to come eye to eye with your fears that keep you overweight, or bound to your past and to a way of life that wasn’t intended for you.

David shows up on the scene, hears the threats of Goliath and wants to know, “hey, what does the guy get who kills this giant?”

Answer….He gets the princess, a ton of money and a life free from taxes.  He was like, this is a no brainer!  What have you guys been waiting on?!

This is how you should look at the fears that are standing in your way.  Get out there in the arena & wrestle with your giants.  Even if you get some battle scars, it’s worth it!


We must visualize the rewards.

What if that giant was gone in your life?  What if that issue you are struggling with is no more?  How would your home life be, your relationships, your everyday experiences?  For example, when I get past my phobia I will be able to comfort, nurture and bring healing to people.  I will get to do work that I love and that there is a demand for.

You have to do it with courage and commitment.   David knew how to use a sling shot & he ran with it toward the giant.  He had to have been afraid, but he was all in!  Courage is not the absence of fear, it’s feeling the fear but doing it anyway.

There is a saying, when you make up your mind, it’s only a matter of time.  Indecision & 2nd guessing  will never make you a conqueror, but courage and commitment will!

Say some prayers for Healthy Justice;)  This Wednesday is the big day!





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