Slay The Giant Workout

This workout is for when you need to relieve some serious pent up stress & find a release for frustrations of the day.  Hard & intense workouts demand all of your focus.  This will get your mind off your problems & back to a stronger state of being.

There are many way to slay the giant.  It all depends on what you feel is going to get you into Beast Mode.

1.  There are days when I get in sprints in my driveway by doing old school suicides.  After I finish up with 3-4 suicides I like to do sprints with  Tabata training: 20 seconds of all out work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  Repeat for a total of 8 rounds.  You can also integrate this into a 1-3 mile run.  Pick up your pace for 20 sec. then back down to a jog for 10.

2.  If running isn’t going to get your warrior spirit revved then going heavy at the gym might.   Select compound exercises & set your weight heavy.  For example:  Bench press, Deadlifts, Squats, &/or Barbell rows and perform 4-6 reps of 4-5 sets.

3.  If you need to totally exhaust yourself & kill it in the gym, then get after it with Giant Sets!  Have about 4-6 exercises that you circuit through with NO BREAKS.  Set your reps for 12-15 and repeat 4-5 rounds.  This is a sample workout of a Giant Superset.

Barbell Push Press  (modification-Dumbbell push press)

Medicine Ball Throw (make it dynamic)

Leg raises on incline bench (modification- on the floor)

Lateral Box jumps with Medicine Ball (add a jump to make it more explosive or make it a step to the top then off the side) *20 reps

Hip Thrusts

Repeat 15 reps with no breaks 4-5 rounds


as you begin to press the BB overhead, come into a small squat then drive the weight up

                   photo (4)       photo (5)


photo (6) Mb throw


                         photo (3)   photo (2)


box jump               


                       photo (1)     photo

If you read my last post you knew about my struggle to dissect a rat in for biology class. I did a heavy lift day to get myself into a strong state of mind.  I was able to “slay my giant:)!!!”  Weight training  can not only make us stronger physically, but it also has powerful affects on our character and personal growth.








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