Quick Tips For Reading Food Labels

It was a Saturday night and my fiancé’ had a hunkering for a salty snack while we watched a movie. Okay, I was looking forward to eating a few of them too;)  While perusing the chip aisle, he picked out a bag of potato chips that read, “Oven baked 70% less fat.” Out of curiosity we compared the food label with a regular bag of chips and low and behold the regular chips were healthier!


Assuming that a product is a healthy just because of the wording on the packaging is a mistake. Sneaky marketing can mislead us and that’s why it’s important to read food labels.


Here are some basic things to look for on a food label:

    1. Ingredients. The fewer ingredients the better. If it reads like pig Latin with words you don’t know how to pronounce, then it’s probably not a good choice.When I was looking at the ingredients on the chips, I found that the regular chips had fewer ingredients and was more natural than the “oven baked 70% less fat” chips.
    2. Wheat bread is one that can get you if you don’t check the food label. The first ingredient should be whole grain or whole wheat. If it says “unbleached enriched flour” it’s simply processed with some whole grains and added color.
    3. Sodium. You will be amazed how much sodium is in most of the foods we consume. Canned goods, frozen dinners, and other pre-packaged items are typically very high in sodium. Eating homemade meals from whole foods is always the best route.
    4. Sugar. Often times if a food is low in fat it might have a lot more sugar added to it. For example, you might be surprised how much sugar is in yogurt. If it’s more than 14 grams, it’s not the best choice. The USDA recommends limiting added sugars to 40 grams a day. The American Heart Association recommends 37.5 grams or 9 tsp. for men and 25 grams or 6 tsp. for women.                 Naturally occurring sugars are okay, but it’s the added sugars like table sugar or high fructose corn syrup that you want to limit.
    5. Calories/serving size. Always take this into consideration. If you eat more than one serving you will need to add that to everything else listed on the food label. Some serving sizes are itty bitty so it might not be worth eating.
    6. Fats. See how much you are getting from saturated fat and trans fat. You want little to none of these fats in your diet. If the ingredients list “partially hydrogenated oil,” then it has trans fat in it.

A couple of years ago I did a food pantry raid at the home of one of my clients. It was one of the first raids I did, but she was a great sport! If you would like to check out that video here is the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nulQuzXERDg




Battle Ropes For A Fat Shredding Workout


If you want to melt fat & workout like a maniac then you will love battle roping!  Training with battle ropes is no joke.  It combines strength, core, explosiveness and cardio. In 20-30 min. you can get in a hardcore and efficient workout that will make you feel like you worked your butt off for a solid hour.   No matter what your fitness level is, you can train with battle ropes if you have the heart and aren’t afraid to work hard.

This is a workout I put together and did last week.  It is tough but it’s worth it!  You can adjust the time to accommodate your fitness level.  Complete Battle workout #1 then move into the ab circuit. Complete 2 rounds of the ab circuit then repeat the entire workout, starting at Battle workout #1.  If you can keep going, move on to Battle workout #2 with a different ab circuit.  The sequence is the same.

Battle workout #1

Alternating waves:  25 sec. work; 15 sec rest

Double arm waves:  25 sec. work; 15 sec rest

Grappler Hip Toss (pic above):  25 sec. work; 15 rest

Snakes (looks like your making lateral waves):  25 sec. work; 15 sec. rest

*beginners-rest 30-40sec.

Abs circuit:  complete 2 rounds

V-up with medicine ball or stability ball for modification:  15x

One arm and one leg Planks:  hold for 5 sec and switch for 45 sec.

*modify by only lifting your leg

Flutter kicks:  20x (count is one on each leg)

-repeat entire workout 2 more times

Battle workout #2

Power slams:  25 sec. work; 15 sec rest

Alternating waves:  25 sec. work; 15 sec rest

3 Power slams and 1 burpee:  25 sec. work; 15 sec. rest

Jacks with ropes:  25 sec. work; 15 sec. rest

Abs circuit:  complete 2 rounds

Bosu crunch 15x

Side plank with a crunch:  10 each side

Scissors:  20x

048I was in maniac mode with my hair flying! LOL!  This is the 3 power slams with a burpee.

If you have wrist issues then you will want to monitor your workout time so they don’t bother you.  My wrists are tiny and they were starting to get sensitive by the end of this workout.

I have vids up on my business facebook page and on instagram.  You can find my accounts by going to my website, http://www.totalbodyandmind.net, and clicking on the icons.


Telling The Truth Can Help With Weight Loss


Actions express priorities. Words are nothing until we back them up with actions.

Sadly many live in the illusion that they want to lose weight.  They talk and talk about wanting to lose 20+ pounds & how they are going to do it and they’re probably eating fast food for lunch, buying soft drinks at Winn Dixie and eating whatever they want during the day. They have good intentions in their heart but the mind and emotions aren’t ready to make the change and that only leads to frustration.

  • Break this cycle by being honest with where you are right now.  It’s better to be real with yourself. Tell the truth about where you are right now, ie. “It would be nice to lose weight,” or, “I would LIKE to lose 20-30lbs.” That is more truth than, “I want to lose weight.” Denial is not going to get you anywhere but acknowledgment will.
  • Remember that WHERE you are, is not WHO you are. You are not what the weight on the scale says.  Your circumstances do not define you. They test you, they challenge you but they do not define you.  In other words, it’s up to you to become “gold tried in the fire.” (Job 23)
  • Don’t give up and don’t get down on yourself. The best way to do that is to set priorities that are attainable.  If you are ready to exercise then reflect this priority by exercising 3-5 days a week.  If you are ready to back off the sodas then set a goal to drink 3 sodas a week.

I’m not telling you not to challenge yourself.  I am suggesting that acknowledging your true priorities will give you more control over your weight and life.