Meal Prep Made Simple

How would you like to have more free time, better health and save money?  Meal prep can give you all of those things and a smaller waist size!  The key is to plan.  According to research published in the American Journal of Preventive Medicine, time spent preparing and cooking meals is linked to better dietary habits.

Meal prep is the craze sweeping the nation.  Everyone is posting their meal prep ideas on instagram and making youtube videos, and it’s interesting to see how different people plan out their weekly meals.  There is no right or wrong way to do this. Everyone has a unique method, but what’s important is that you find a routine that works for you.  There is more than one way to skin a cat, and this is true for meal prepping.

Where to start:

☑️ Pick a day to plan.

This is what I do:  On Saturday morning I plan out what I want to make for lunch and dinner for the week. Then I write out my grocery list and go make groceries.😃  When I get home, I wash my fruits and veggies and put everything away.  Sunday I cook and prepare everything.  This helps me and my fiance’ to stay on track with healthy eating.  Plus I love to not worry about what we will have for dinner because I already put the time into planning it out.

(I soak my veggies for 20 min in 1/2 cup of vinegar and a bowl of water to remove preservatives.)

What a week of meals looked like for me:
Monday-Chicken and veggie pasta  (leftovers for lunch)
Tuesday-White fish pockets with asparagus (left overs for lunch)
Wednesday-Salmon and roasted veggies
Thursday- Eat out sushi❤️‍
Friday- Cauliflower pizza

  • My snacks are usually always chopped up celery, cucumbers, peppers, apples, Kind bars, *Protein Bars (see recipes below) Rice cakes with PB2.
  • My mid-day snack that I tote to work is always a protein shake.  I use frozen fruit (I always freeze ripe bananas) and organic greens that are tripled washed. YUM!


*You can prep and plan for the whole week or just a few days. You can also prep for just dinners, lunch and dinner, or even all three meals of the day and snacks too!

FullSizeRender (5)

If you’re intimidated by cooking, there are tons of simple recipes like the ones in this pic, that can help make cooking a cinch.

What you need:

☑️ Get different sizes of plastic or glass containers, freezer bags and snack bags.

I prefer glass containers for when you are going to heat something up.

Methods for cooking made easy:

☑️ one pot meals (my chicken and veggie pasta)

☑️ crockpot cooking (I usually make salsa chicken or balsamic chicken each week in crockpot)

☑️ Make extras and freeze for future meals.  I wrap my extras in plastic wrap and then put in a freezer bag.

Meal Prep Ideas To Try Now:

  1. Frozen fruit.  so simple and easy to blend for smoothies and protein shakes.
  2. Frozen fish.  so simple to thaw and put on George foreman or in oven.IMG_1042
  3. Mrs. Dash to season foods w/out sodium.  I like the garlic and herb-:)
  4. Chop veggies in advance. *it’s so challenging to get in veggies so I always make sure I have some chopped up and put in little baggies.
  5. Roast veggies.  It brings out their natural sweetness.IMG_1039
  6. Always have a protein snack like my Chocolate protein bars, made up.  They keep the hunger at bay and can help with sweet cravings.





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