Stopping To Find What’s Missing

This morning I woke up with an incredible feeling of hope and happiness. Maybe my dream that night of winning a huge amount of money at the casino had something to do with that😉 but whatever the reason, my heart was inspired.  The day did not disappoint.

It was a special Sunday because my fiance’s grandchildren were baptized, and I was blessed to witness the beginnings of their spiritual journeys.

FullSizeRender (9)

I fully entered into the moment and enjoyed being there with them.  I wonder how our attitudes and relationships might change if we go through our days noticing, pausing and witnessing the life around us?  The Sabbath, as archaic as that term is, still holds immense value.  It offers an invitation to us to stop and notice the possibilities and beauty all around us.  I want to continue to practice living in that space of wonder and awareness.

I didn’t win the lottery or cash in a prize at the Casino, but I was far richer for passing through the day without it passing me by.

I believe it’s Deepak Chopra that says “life doesn’t happen in the notes of music but the space between.”  Maybe the magic, the answers, the miracles we are looking for are right under our noses?


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