Shoulder/Core Burnout

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It’s one of those lazy Sunday’s where I’ve had great plans of all I wanted to get done, but blame it on the rain and the Saints game, I’m just kinda unmotivated.  However, I’m going to show compassion to myself by remembering that rest is equally as important as work.

With all the “working out” that we do, it’s important to put focus on “working in.”  In other words, if we are going to hit our workouts out of the ballpark and bring our ‘A’ game to work and to our daily lives, then finding ways to recharge our batteries and renew ourselves is necessary.

So today I’m allowing myself to enjoy some downtime, especially considering how yesterday I did my domestic “thang” with cooking and cleaning,  I was also inspired to put together this shoulder/core workout for you pool side -:)

This is a workout you can do easily at home or in the gym.  It can be a good circuit to get in a fast and efficient workout or a finisher to a shoulder and ab workout.  To view the complete workout click on this link:

Here is what you’ll need:  a mat and light dumbbells (I’m using 8lbs) (guys-maybe 12-15lbs)

The Plan:   Perform 16-20 reps of each exercise.  Do not rest between exercises.  Perform 3-5 rounds and feel the burn!🔥 You will be glad you have those light weights;)

1st exercise:  Balance shoulder press

*8-10 reps balancing on each leg
FullSizeRender (25)

Second:  Alternate weighted leg lifts

16-20 TOTAL reps

FullSizeRender (29) FullSizeRender (28)

Third:  Russian Twist

16-20 TOTAL reps

FullSizeRender (31)

Fourth:  Walking Planks

16-20 TOTAL reps

FullSizeRender (27) FullSizeRender (26)

Fifth:  Weighted Jacks

16-20 Total Reps

 FullSizeRender (32)

I would love to hear from you about what recharges your batteries and renews you mentally and physically?  Share your feedback about the workout too!  



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