Fit Mom and Daughter Share Healthy Lifestyle

The past few months when I walk into the gym I’ve noticed this darling little girl entertaining herself with her frozen books and tablet.  She is in her own world until her mommy walks by, then she lights up with pride like a Christmas tree.  Last week I had to talk to the little girl’s mom and find out their story.

Sarah is a young single mom who is devoted to her six-year-old daughter Molly and to her workouts.  I was curious about how she gets her daughter to be so well-behaved while she works out for more than an hour.  She said, “I explain to Molly that it is important for me to workout because I will stay healthy and be around for a long time.”  Molly understands this and tells her

okay mommy I want to have you around forever.”


Many moms express that they struggle to get in their workouts because they feel guilty and selfish for doing something for themselves and not spending time with their child.  Sarah’s approach of leading by example offers a healthy and positive perspective.  Kids really can get more than we give them credit for, and even though Molly is only six, she is able to understand why exercise is important for her mommy.


Sarah invited Molly to become part of the solution by treating her with respect and getting on her level.  The loving way fitness and health was presented caused Molly to be more open to and even embrace healthy habits.   I’m sure we’ve all experienced how challenging it can be to get the children in our lives to eat nutritious foods.  Sarah says, “I show her what I eat and she wants to eat it too, and she ends up loving it.  She loves the idea of being healthy like her mommy.”

This precious relationship between a mother and daughter shows that when you give love, respect and nurture your relationship with your child, she will respond with an open heart.

IMG_1581 IMG_1568When Sarah and Molly aren’t in the gym you can find them in their back yard jumping on the trampoline or playing soccer.  But Molly’s favorite thing is lying down, staring at the sky and having girl talk.




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