Change Up Your Workouts With Kettlebells

Struggling with stale and boring workouts?  Your body might just need a good ole shock treatment to get it producing results again.  Shocking the muscles might seem a little on the aggressive side, but trust me, this is where the fun happens with your workouts.

It’s a known fact that the more you do something, the easier it becomes, especially with exercise.  When you start a new workout plan, the body is going to be initially challenged by the stress but it recovers and comes back stronger and more adaptive.

What this means is that the workout that used to challenge you, doesn’t anymore.  You don’t burn as many calories and you stop seeing results.  That’s why you need to switch things up and keep your body guessing regularly.  The positive side to all of this is that you are steadily making progress, developing your potential and keeping things interesting.

I’m always changing things up just because I’m crazy like that;)  I get bored easily, and I love a challenge. My recent change has been to train with kettlebells as the focus of my workouts one day a week.  WOW!  It’s been the shock treatment I’ve needed!  It’s different than dumbbells in that it challenges even more of your stabilizing muscles and core engagement.

Here is the workout I did that has given my body the challenge it’s needed.

NOTE: If you have never picked up a KB or are a beginner exerciser, I strongly encourage you to get some coaching on proper technique and start off basic.

warm up for 10 min to get your joints lubricated and prepared.

  1.  Front squats with barbell (10 reps) superset with Figure 8 rear lunges with KB (16 reps total)


2. Leg Press (15 reps) superset Squat with elbow strike (20 reps: see video on my instagram page

Image (4)

3. Sumo Squat & Deadlift with KB (16 reps) superset Jump squats with KB shoulder level (15 reps)

Image (3)Image (2)Image (1)

4. KB swings (16-20reps) superset Goblet squats

(16-20 reps:

5.  Walking deadlifts (10 total steps) superset Walking lunges (10 total steps:  see video description on my instagram page,

This was a killer workout so adapt it to your fitness level or take one of the supersets and work them into what you are already doing at the gym.  I did 3-4 sets on each superset.

How do you keep your body guessing?  What do you think, are you going to give kettlebells a go?


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