Backyard Bootcamp Part 1

When you feel stir crazy from being inside all day take your workouts to the great outdoors!  Instead of going to the gym to be in another building why not create your own Backyard Bootcamp?

  • It saves you time
  • It’s fun
  • Get to spend time with your kids and dog
  • Get in a hardcore workout that’s exhilarating

When I’m not in the gym lifting, you can find me doing my own Backyard Bootcamp. ❥👊💪🏻

My recent favorite routine is functional training with tires.  Check it out, and maybe you could score some tires to try this in your backyard too!


Warm up by jogging around the block.  Then do some buttkicks, high knees and dynamic stretches.

1st round repeat 3x

Clean and Press- 6-8 reps


Squat and Overhead Press- 8-10 reps


Tire Jumps (like box jumps) 15reps

Image (11)

Shuffle Catch- 10-12 total

(didn’t know what to call this😕)

Image (15)

Push the tire with your left hand and do a shuffle hop to catch the tire with right hand and repeat.

Round 2 repeat 3x

Side Jumps 8-10 reps

Modify by doing wide fast taps 20-30 times.

Image (16)

Clear the tire by raising your knees and feet up.  Land softly, set yourself and repeat.

Mountain Climber- 20 total reps

modify by not taking your foot out to the side, but down the center.

Image (10)

Single Arm Tire Pulls- 8-10 reps


This is awesome!  Focus on pulling with your lats.  

Tire Planks with Knee-In- 12-16 reps


It’s harder than it looks;)

I hope this inspires you to get out there and throw some tires around!  Be watching for my Backyard Bootcamp Part 2!


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