Backyard Bootcamp Part 2

When it’s a gorgeous day outside and you’re tempted to skip the gym why not try this backyard bootcamp and get ur workout on!👊💪

This is part 2 of Backyard Bootcamp.

Click here for part 1:

You can use these workouts a couple of different ways.

1. Hard core 45 min-1 hour workout:

Do all the rounds and sets from Part 1 & 2 for a fat blasting workout!

2.  High intensity 20 min workout:

Select 2-3 rounds from Part 1 and/or 2 and get in a total body HITT workout!

Backyard Bootcamp Part 2

Warm up by jogging around the block.  Then do some buttkicks, high knees and dynamic stretches.

1st round repeat 3x

Jump with 180 degree turn-6-8 reps

Image (21)

Push up with rotation twist-8-10 reps

Image (18)

Tire Roll Outs-12 reps

(keep your abs braced and lower back tight)

Image (19)

2nd round repeat 3x

Tire Jumps with zig zag sprints-6-8 total

(I jump the tires, sprint in and out between trees; rest 5 sec., sprint back and jump tires to finish=1 set)

IMG_2415 IMG_2416

Tire Flips-20 total flips

(use your legs to power up)

Image (20)

photoI’m available for personal and group/partner training as well as health coaching.  I’m a certified personal trainer/lifestyle fitness coach NESTA/Health Coach NDP. I can work with you locally or out of state.  Send me a message, and I will be happy to share my services with you.



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