Grow Older Without Aging

11537702_790227324430188_8077424899283917740_nI was talking to my dad on the phone, and he asked me, “baby, you’re turning 42, are you feeling your age?”  I’m not sure he was expecting this loaded response…

“You know dad I feel more happy than I’ve ever been.  I’m still that playful, goofy young kid at heart, but I’m wiser, more confident, assertive and I feel like I’ve grown more into myself.”

This is a long way from the woman I was in my 20s who struggled with insecurities.  It was such a painful issue for me that a close friend suggested that I dress professionally, go to the mall and purposefully interact with others to build confidence.

Years later I took that to a whole next level when I began competing in bikini and figure bodybuilding shows. Talk about challenging my comfort zones!  I was the preacher’s daughter that was made to where dresses to school everyday and culottes with leotards to PE;) LOL

FullSizeRender (30) I still believe in Santa;) 

Getting up on stage in a bikini and flexing was a far cry from sharing a sermon in a dress suit two sizes too big for me.  This was the time in my life when I began to feel more comfortable in my skin and with my sensuality.


I’m now learning to become more authentic in expressing myself without worry of displeasing others. This has given me a freedom of spirit to be okay with the woman I am instead of feeling like I should be different.

Aging gracefully is an idea that’s promoted in our culture, but I prefer aging gratefully.  I’m grateful for another year of life, but what surprises me is that I’m even grateful for my regrets.  Without feeling regret I wouldn’t have learned authentic compassion and maturity.

The key is to learn to love all of you, flaws and all.  Our deepest healing is when we learn to be our own best friend, companion, and cheerleader.

-Warrior Goddess

This has been my transformation journey as I’ve become older.  I understand that change is inevitable, but we can choose to grow through life.  I have no interest in aging gracefully, but I am interested in living my days with a sense of adventure that flirts with life;)
web_DSCF0626I did this photoshoot last month even though I felt self conscious because of my age.  I decided to go for it and have fun! What the heck?!

webDSCF0740What rule is there that only twenty somethings get to model anyway?  What are your thoughts about aging?  What do you think of aging gracefully?



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