Buff Bride: 5 Tips To Lose Weight & Stay Healthy For Your Wedding Day

What woman doesn’t want to look and feel her best for her wedding day, myself included!  My wedding is just a couple of months off, and it’s the perfect inspiration for me to get more toned and healthier.

So here are the tips I’ve been using to kick my exercise and nutrition goals into gear…


  1.  Meal and Exercise Tracking.  Research shows that keeping a food diary may double your weight loss efforts!   The key is to track accurately and honestly.  Even if your goal isn’t to lose weight, this practice can help you become more aware of the quality of your food choices and the reason driving your behavior.


Tracking my workouts helps me to push myself and continue progressing.

I provide digital health coaching and nutrition/fitness plans if you need more assistance & accountability in these areas.  https://healthyjustice.wordpress.com/2016/02/27/about-healthy-justice/

2.  Put more intensity into exercise.  A reason and a deadline always helps with motivation to give a little extra.  You don’t have to kill yourself training for your big day.  Simply ask yourself, ‘can I give one more rep? can I go one more minute?’ If the answer is yes then dig a little deeper!

3.  Find ways to relax.  I’ve been practicing daily meditation to help me stay grounded.  All the stress from wedding planning and family issues that pop up can have you turning to food as a way to cope.    Taking time to breathe can do wonders for your wellbeing and take the edge off food cravings.  This is a meditation app that I’ve been enjoying:  https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/stop-breathe-think/id778848692?mt=8

4.  Drink your body weight in water.  Water naturally detoxifies the body and flushes out toxins.  It also helps get nutrients to your muscles and with recovery.  Often we mistake hunger for thirst, so drinking a glass of water will help you eat less.

5.  Create a couples challenge!


It’s powerful the influence your significant other has on you especially when it relates to food and fitness.  If Donny mentions that he wants a pizza, I’m going to be hard pressed to say no.  If he’s not really feeling motivated to go to the gym, but he sees me going, chances are he will join me.  Unless I start bellowing out, “let’s DO IT!”  This zaps him of all his life force;) LOL

Our partners have the power to influence us for good and BAD behaviors.  Imagine the goals you can achieve if you use your power to bring out the best in each other!

With this in mind, I challenge you to BE A FIT COUPLE! 

261Come up with your own couples challenge.  This adds fun and accountability.

Here’s the couple’s challenge Donny and I made with each other:

  •  I’m going to replace any snacks I have after dinner with a protein shake or small protein snack.
  • He is going to limit carbs and dairy.

We each get a point for every day that we succeed in our goals.  At the end of the week whoever has the most points wins.

  • If I win Donny is going to help me chop vegetables for my weekly meal prep.
  • If he wins, I have to help him with yard work.

With all the planning and hard work you are doing don’t forget to be good to yourself!happy


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