Top 4 Exercises For Firm, Tight Abs

Who wouldn’t love swimsuit confidence? The biggest hurdle is having firm & tight abs. There will be endless morning shows & magazine articles about how to pick out the right swimsuit to hide and/or camouflage areas of the body that the winter months have put extra layers on (mostly in all the wrong places).  I don’t want you feeling embarrassed on the beach, sucking in your stomach, or crying in the dressing room.

I propose that you take a different approach & hit those abs every which way but loose! Think about getting your body confidence from the hard work you are bringing into the gym.

The real benefit in training is going to be in your posture.

I know that looking good on the beach is important, but good posture will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This is when the work you put in at the gym & with healthy eating is going to impact your everyday life. You will project confidence daily from the inside out.

I want to be apart of this positive life change, so I am sharing with you my top 4 Ab exercises that will hit every angle of your abs.


This was an ab routine I did this week.  Adjust based on your fitness level.

Hanging Leg raise  4×8-10

Side Crunch  3×10-12

Roll Outs with Barbell  4×10-12

Decline crunch  3×12-15

You can perform this workout once a week along with another ab routine to add a good balance to your training.  I always change-up my ab workouts, but they always follow the format of some type of lower ab, oblique, plank, and upper ab/overall exercises.

I hope this helps!

Keep fitness fun and fresh that way you don’t get bored or stuck.  Yesterday, after I finished up personal training at one of the gyms I work at, I worked my chest and triceps.  I usually don’t train those body parts at this particular gym, so I took advantage of different pieces of equipment.  Sometimes we get stuck in doing the same workouts so maybe try going to a buddy’s gym & working out with him or her for a change of pace.


One of my gyms:)

I have learned that my body taps into more fat burning when I do my cardio at the end of my weight training.  I don’t like doing cardio on a treadmill or elliptical, so I found out there was a bike path close to the gym.  Perfect!  I went for a 30 min run, & it was a fun little adventure.  I got to see the town some and run across a little bridge.  It was nice.

Let fitness be an adventure.  It doesn’t have to be a drudgery.  Find ways to shake it up and make it fun for yourself.  Some people find that entering a race, training for an event, or entering a challenge gives them motivation to extend their comfort zones.


“Keep your waist tight and health will follow throughout your life.”  -Jack Lalanne