MOJO MONDAY: Get Going & Keep Going


Growing older & reaching the age where you qualify for senior discounts is a destination that most Americans dread, especially women.  I have to admit that I’ve been thinking more on how I want to approach my golden years.   Do I really want to stress every wrinkle?  Am I going to measure my self-worth by whether or not men look longingly at me anymore?   Will I give in to the idea that being elderly means I will be frail & weak?  Well, that’s a big heck no!

Try telling 90-year old National Senior Games Athlete, Hazel Trexler Campbell that & you might get blown away in a cloud of dust when you see her run the 100-meter dash.  Campbell says she realizes that “being active is what’s important as you get older.  It helps you to survive.”

In 2007 I took a volunteer trip to Thailand for a month where I worked at a nursing home.  Of all the ways I could have served, I found myself teaching the elderly kickboxing, along with charades, and other crazy shenanigans:)  I was surprised at how agile, flexible & fit they were, but looking at the mindset of the culture, it makes sense.  Aging to them isn’t dreaded; it’s welcomed & seen with honor.  They have an acceptance of themselves that brings them inner peace, joy and love.  Out of that healthy mindset comes a healthy body.

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No matter what your age you can be eternally young and forever fit.  What is the secret?

  1. Love yourself by caring for your thoughts.  Watch your inner dialogue.  Debunk stupid thoughts like:  I’m over the hill…I get in the way.  While we are at it, kick the guilt to the curb.  Guilt is a bully you will never win a fight with, so enough of “if I only had a 2nd chance.”
  2. Love yourself by caring for your body.  When you love your body you will put good, nutritious & healthy food into it, & you will exercise.
  3. Love yourself by caring for your spirit.  Your spirit is ageless and powerful.  Prayer & spiritual practices feed our spirit man. So when those giants of fear, guilt & sickness come you can nail them to the ground!   Proverbs 18:14 The spirit of a man will sustain his infirmity.

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