Unleash Strong & Sculpted abs

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Underneath all the layers is a power that will astound you.  It’s time to release this unseen potential and give those abs the justice they deserve.

In order to uncover those strong & sculpted abs, you have some positive changes to make in your diet & workouts.

1.  There are certain foods that will help you shed the layers of fat.  Protein: eggs, skinless chicken breasts, ground turkey, peanut butter, salmon, etc.  Whole grains: oatmeal, whole wheat bread, sweet potatoes  Produce: bananas, bell peppers, blueberries, asparagus, green beans, avocados, etc.  Dairy: Greek yogurt, almond milk, cottage cheese  Spices: Cinnamon  Supplements:  Whey protein powder.  The important key is to eat clean & unprocessed foods.

    Bust your belly fat by avoiding refined grains like white bread, pastries, pasta etc.  Studies show that eating whole grain will help you lose more weight from your stomach.

    Limit your whole grains close to bedtime, & try to get them in earlier in the day.

  • Train your abs like any other body part.  I believe people overtrain their abs.  Approach your abs like any other body part & work them out 2-3 days a week.

2.  Change up your routine.  Instead of doing the same old crunches 50-100x, you should mix it up so you don’t ignore critical parts of your core.  You want to hit your upper abs, obliques, transverse and lower abs.  I always put together my ab workouts with this in mind & integrate exercises that hit all the different angles of my core.

3.  Cardio melts away the unwanted layer of body fat.  I have always seen results from varying my cardio days with one day doing a steady, long activity such as a long run or walk &  the other day doing interval training.  Interval training is alternating periods of intense work with recovery time.  For ex. going for all out effort on the elliptical for 1 min. and recovering at a moderate pace for 2 min.

It is my belief that everyone has strong and toned abs, often hidden, but they are their:)  In the same way I believe we possess hidden strength & power in our person that is waiting to be unleashed on the world.  Consistency in the daily habits of a champion, having a strong center, &  being true to your moral compass will, in due time, reveal your potential.  You will step back & be astounded.