The Technique To Burn Fat and Build Muscle Fast!

If you’ve hit a plateau with weight loss or are just bored as heck with your workouts and need something to light things up, you should give cardio accelerations a try!

What is cardio acceleration?

Cardio acceleration is when you combine high-intensity cardio with strength training.  Instead of taking a typical rest break between your lifts, you do some type of cardio, all out, for one minute.   I prefer to jump rope, however, you could do any type exercise for your cardio acceleration.  Here are some examples: running in place next to the bench, jumping jacks, squat thrusts, skaters, dumbbell cleans, step-ups, etc.

fullsizerender-1Jumping rope is hands down my favorite tool for keeping my body conditioned and agile.  Read more about the benefits for jumping rope along with training tips here:

What is the benefit?

I got turned on to this training technique when I did Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut To Shred program.  His program did get me shredded.  Another benefit is that there is no hem hawing around waiting for the next set, which is perfect for my adult ADD;) LOL.

My hubby always teases me because if I’m not doing cardio intervals between sets, I’m stretching;)  This was him poking fun of me yesterday when I was stretching between my bench presses.  LOL


One thing I REALLY love about this technique is that it fills in for my 20-30 minutes of cardio on the step mill or treadmill!

  • Check this out, 20-30 minutes of these high-intensity intervals burns more fat than spending that amount of time on a treadmill. Trust me, your metabolic rate will be up the entire workout and that means you are burning a lot of calories during and after your workout!

I now cycle through this program twice a year, and lately, I’ve been throwing in cardio accelerations with my leg day once a week.

After doing a set of squats, I do 100-200 revolutions jumping rope.  (BTW, I’ve been performing squats recently with a box to make sure I’m nailing my form and getting good and low).


If you’re worried that the cardio could take away from the strength of your lifts, here is research that Stoppani shares from his Shortcut To Shred Training Overview:

A University of California, Santa Cruz, study found that when subjects did cardio between weightlifting sets, they were able to recover better because of increased blood flow. Cardio acceleration elevates your heart rate, which means more blood pumps to your working muscles throughout your workout.

Ready to HIIT it now?  Let’s go!!


Rockin’ Leg Routine

I’ve always envied the lucky ladies that have legs that go on for days.  I never would have thought that I could have sexy legs, but I found a way to make the most out of what Mother Nature has given me through weight training.

My favorite body part to train has to be the legs.  I love the variety of all the different exercises you can use and the payoff from all the hard work is so worth it!  The big bonus of strength training is that over time you get to see significant changes in the shape of your muscles!  I work my legs twice a week and rest about 2-3 days in between those workouts.

This routine will help you get sleek, strong and shapely legs that will set off your assets.

Front Squats:  4×10-12

Diagonal Lunges:  4×20 (10 each side)

Superset with

Barbell Straight Leg Deadlifts:  4×12-15

Reverse Barbell (or Smith Machine to make it easier) Lunges:  4×12

Superset with

Plyo Leg Press:  4×15-20

Hyperextensions:  4×12-15

Calf raises 4×20

10 min Step Mill


Front squats (top left)  try to get to 90 degrees or even a smidge lower.  Feet shoulder width apart.  If you can’t get used to the weight on your shoulders, place weight plates behind you and do a regular squat with the BB behind your head.  Beginner’s do a narrow stance squat with Dumbells.  Position your feet hip width apart.

Straight leg deadlift (bottom left & right)  Keep your chin up a little.  It helps keep your back flat.


Barbell reverse lunges (left and top right)  Make sure your knee doesn’t go past your toe.  To modify this, perform it on a smith machine.  You will feel more balanced.

Plyo leg press machine:  get close to the platform and select a moderate to low weight.  Press off the platform explosively and land back in a 90 degree angle.  see the video on my Facebook page by going to my website,  click on the Facebook icon:)


Finish up this killer routine with hyperextensions and calf raises.  Make sure to hesitate for a second at the top of the hyperextension exercise & squeeze your glutes!