7 Strategies For A Sexy Physique

Strong women they inspire me, they make me want to grab the world by the lapels and go kick ass.  When I see a woman in the gym who has defined muscles and is throwing some serious weight around, I have immediate respect for her.  Sure, I respect the outer displays of strength, but mostly I appreciate the inner resolve that goes into achieving that level of physical success.

I was fortunate to get the opportunity to talk to such a woman, Wendy Heaslip, a 48 years old woman who backs up all that strength in the gym with being independent and charming.  


She shared with me her strategies for creating a lean physique (along with a workout at the end of the article) and for the record, Heaslip is a mother, engineer,  photographer, friend and cares for her dad who has Alzheimer’s.  If she can do this with her busy life, you can too.  

Here are those strategies she shared for developing a fit physique.  

Secret #1  She wakes up early.

In her words;)  “I’m up at 4:30 AM and out the door to walk the dogs (2 ancient Chihuahuas and 1 young ‘ratdog’).  Then breakfast with my man, which he cooks.”  


🚶get in a few minutes of activity, like walking, to boost your mood and energy levels throughout the day.

😉 allow your man to make breakfast. New research shows that women find men most sexy when they’re working in the kitchen…Sounds like a win-win!

Secret #2  She meal preps for the week.

Heaslip is an engineer during the day and doesn’t get home until around 6pm.  How many of us can relate to this?  Walking the dogs and going to the gym doesn’t leave much time to make a meal, so her and her boyfriend, Richard, meal prep on Sunday.  

During the week all they have to do is a “quick warm up or veggie prep and dinner is ready.”  

Heaslip’s tip:  Focus your meals on protein.  She suggests investing in shaker bottles.  Protein shakes are good for supplementing when you can’t get enough protein with food during the day.  

Secret #3  She eats clean during the week and plans a splurge meal on the weekend.

Restrictive diets generally backfire so it’s important to plan a splurge and enjoy it without guilt.  When planning your splurge be clear on your boundary and eat a moderate portion.  

While food is wonderful, it’s important to find other ways to bring fun and sweetness into your life. For Wendy, she gets to play with her weekend job/hobby of photography.  

Secret #4  Meet yourself where you are.

Wendy said she got into lifting a few years ago after she read an article about the importance of resistance training to fight osteoporosis.  She said, “I found a fitness app with some beginner routines and started doing them at the gym. I’ve always loved to see muscles move in response to lifting something heavy. It appealed to me right away.”

Takeaways:  There are free resources available all around you so take advantage of those.  

⚫️Ask your gym if they offer a complimentary session with a personal trainer.  

⚫️Find out from your human resources dept. if they offer any wellness programs. I’m a health coach for Omada Health and many of my clients receive access to our program through their HR dept.  https://omadahealth.com/

Secret #5  Enjoy fitness with your family.

Around 2012 when Wendy started getting into fitness, her daughter, Tess, started showing interest too.  It was all fun and games until Tess got her personal training certification in 2014, and Wendy became her 1st client/guinea pig.  This is when her training was taken into a whole ‘nother ball game.  

Just another day at the gym for this powerful mother and daughter duo:)

IMG_6160Tess developed programs tailored to her mom’s personality and goals, which involved training like a powerlifter.  Wendy lapped it up!  Deadlifts, squats and bench she loved it all:)

These big lifts that stereotypically you see big bearish men performing in the gym became part of my routine.  The heavier I lifted the more I dug it.  I’m a little woman lifting heavy weights and there is just something so kick ass about that.”

IMG_6162While Wendy is extremely serious about her workouts I have often seen her on her phone and wondered what the heck she was doing;) She said that Richard and her text each other in the gym, sending funny memes or support to each other.

Secret #6 Make a bucket list.

Heaslip is training for a figure competition for Fall of 2016, and she said, “The competition is a bucket list thing for me right now.”  

A bucket list reminds you of what’s really important to you and brings some color and motivation into the regimented lives that most of us have Monday-Friday.  

The preparation is stretching Heaslip past her comfort zones.  Currently she is in the stage of bulking and this has been really challenging for her, as all of us women can understand.  Heaslip says, “it’s hard for me to wrap my head around (Gain weight? On purpose?), but I’ve been doing it for about a month now and have noticed larger, fuller muscles and I can lift heavier so I’m slowly getting on board.”

Takeaways:   Create a bucket list of anything and everything you’ve ever wanted to do, be or have.  

Secret #7 Get a workout plan that excites you.

Wendy shared her special leg/glute routine:

Barbell Squat 6×5

Straight Leg Dead Lift 4×10

Smith Machine Hack Squat 3×10-12

Single Leg Curl 3×20 each leg

Goblet Squat 3×12

Leg Extension 3×15 (dropset last set)

 Wendy didn’t start out with all these habits, she developed them over time.  Pick 1-2 small goals that you can do everyday and start.  No one is too busy to take care of themselves.  Everyone gets the same 24 hours a day.  We make time for what we really want.  The thing is, when you honor your health it makes room to give even more to the people and work you love so much.  

Tess Redsky Heaslip is a personal trainer in Houston, TX and this is her boyfriend, Brandan Lacatino, with Richard.  Talk about a #fitfam?!  I think if Pixar ever needed a modern day family for The Incredibles, this is the one!  lol




Boxing Workout

Professional boxers are some of the world’s leanest and most conditioned athletes in the world. Their work ethic and discipline is what sets them apart in their sport. They have formed the habit of doing things that losers don’t like to do.

I am fortunate to get to train and work with Tory Williams, the #2 Ranked Light Heavyweight Amateur Boxer in the Nation.   In my interview with him he shared with me some of his habits and training routines that have contributed to his success.

Williams has a calm demeanor that has a chilling out effect on my high energy personality.  Don’t get me wrong, he is tough and his boxing classes are not for the faint of heart. I have left many of his classes feeling spent and rung out (and LOVED it!). I like to describe his style as relaxed intensity. He puts value on remaining calm and says it enables him to focus and perform better.

The less effort, the faster and more powerful I will be.  Bruce Lee

There is a place for being amped up but without being balanced you can make stupid mistakes. There are a plethora of examples of how this can happen, and that is why Williams says fighting isn’t just something he does, it’s a lifestyle.

It makes sense that with a schedule that includes 4-6 hours of training, caring for his daughter and working there has to be a priority on staying relaxed and focused. He believes the way he approaches his daily life carries over into fighting. It sounds very similar to the idea of living in the present moment which is something we can never be reminded enough to do.

How does this lean, mean fighting machine train?

He laid out his training schedule for me:

6-7 days a week (depending on how close a fight is) Boxing and running 3 miles

Boxing workout:

  • Tire flips: 15 min.
  • Shadow box: 30 min.
  • Heavy bag: 20 min. no break
  • Jump rope: 10 min.
  • Speed bag: 15 min.
  • Mit work: 30 min.
  • Jump rope: 20 min.
  • Stretch: 30 min

Strength and Core work: bodyweight exercises like pushups, pullups, squats, lunges and a variety of abdominal exercises.

Intense is an understatement, but if it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you! Maybe you are not training to be the next Ultimate Fighter, but you should be training and disciplining yourself to be your best.  Everybody is busy and has problems in life, but what is it going to be reasons or results???

UFC Gym Mandeville is where Tory teaches his boxing classes, and I coach a Strength and Conditioning Class. (Keep in mind that you get a complimentary class)  This could be your fresh start.  There are all different fitness levels but the workouts accommodate everyone.  Train Differently.  Try a boxing class and experience how good it feels to challenge yourself.


For more information and to receive a complimentary session to my Bootcamps or for Group Personal Training check out my website at http://www.totalbodyandmind.net

Tory’s Records:

2013: H.O.R.N National  champion
           Light heavyweight (Novice)
2013: Louisiana Governors Game
Champion (Heavyweight)
2014: Louisiana Golden Glove Champ
Light heavyweight
2014: Mid-month Regional Golden
Glove Light Heavyweight Champ
2014: National Golden Gloves Runner Up (2nd place) Light Heavyweight
2014: Ringside World Championship Runner Up (2nd place) Light Heavyweight

*Ranked: #2 in the Nation as a Light heavyweight Amateur Boxer





Are Your Friends Making You Fat?

Beware of friends that pressure you into being fat. It sounds a bit juvenile, but peer pressure can be to blame for unwanted pounds. For instance, you are out at a restaurant for lunch & your co-workers are ordering cheeseburgers and fries, what do you order?  Chances are you get a cheeseburger & fries.  What about when your friends want you to hang out with them at the bar during the middle of the week, but you were planning to try out a new fitness class after work? What do you do?

It makes things a lot easier when we go with the group. This is peer pressure 101 right? Even as adults we need to be on guard about the influence our friends can have on our lives.

Motivational speaker Jim Rohn says,

You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.

If you’re trying to lose weight & nurture a healthy lifestyle, you’ll be more motivated if you surround yourself with friends who desire the same goals.

A study in the Journal Of Obesity found:

  • Overweight people were more likely to have overweight romantic partners—25 percent vs. 14 percent—
  • Overweight best friends—24 percent vs.14 percent, compared to normal-weight people.
  • If your friend becomes obese your chances of being obese increase by 57%.
  • If your spouse becomes obese, then your odds go up by 37%.

Can I hear a big HELL NO?!

Here is what you do if you don’t want to ditch your friends while you are changing your lifestyle:

  1. You have to be the lead dog! You order 1st to set the tone for everyone else at the table. You make the suggestion to take a fitness class together after work. It’s possible that if you start working out and eating healthy, they will follow your lead. My friends expect this from me and actually seek me out for it. They know that time together is either going to be a workout at the gym or a walk/run at the park.
  2. Be a good friend. True friends have the courage to tell each other the truth. My friends have called me out on some things in my life where I was losing my way and vice-versa. If your friends are not being supportive, call them out on it. You might be a catalyst in their lives for change.
  3. Assess your friendships. If you had the hard conversation with them, are they willing to support you or are they still giving you a hard time? Are your friends bringing out the best in you? This is not selfish. You can still have them in your life, but not be in your inner circle.

I have been blessed throughout my lifetime with beautiful girlfriends that have genuinely been there for me.  I want to be the type of woman that gives back, what about you?  In other words, have the courage to be a good friend to those who have chosen you. If you want inspiration, give inspiration. If you want people to be loyal to you, be loyal to them. If you want friends to care about your life, care about their lives.


A Twist On Push-ups

This week I have been inspired by people I’ve met in the gym who are beginners to the whole fitness world.  They have inspired me by their bravery to try something new that makes them uncomfortable & pushed beyond their comfort zone.

It’s pretty awesome to witness the triumph they find in overcoming their fear.  Their whole person lights up!  They discover they could enter a gym & not turn around to leave right away.  They could take a bootcamp class they didn’t think they had any business being in & make it through the whole workout.


There is so much more to working out than just the aesthetic reasons.  One of the reasons I enjoy training hard is because it makes me feel strong & alive.  What is something you can do to challenge your comfort zones?  Maybe it’s as simple as trying an exercise you don’t think you can do.

I was so proud of both of my bootcamp classes this week.  I threw in some Spidy Push-ups, & even though they weren’t thrilled about the exercise, they went after it.  Sure, their form wasn’t like Spiderman scaling a wall, but they did their best version!

Why don’t you throw these into your next workout.  You can keep yourself in one spot, or you can find an open area to be able to move forward.  Perform about 16-20 reps.  I suggest doing a giant superset with these thrown into the mix.  For example, if you want to work your abs do decline crunches, then leg lifts then the Spidy Push-ups.


  1. Begin in a push up position.  Hold your abs and lower back tight.
  2. Move your left hand forward and bring your right knee toward your right elbow.  Keep your body streamlined.
  3. Move your right hand forward as your perform a push-up.  Bring the left knee to the left elbow.

Simple Answer For Your Weight Loss & Fitness Breakthrough

Many of you have a real desire to lose weight, get more fit and healthy and it gnaws at you because attaining it seems to escape your grasp.  Maybe you have taken proactive steps to achieve these goals and joined a gym, bought P90X, and/or started a diet but eventually you lost motivation.

As a personal trainer and gym rat, I want to help & see everyone succeed.  Motivation can get you going but a gameplan is needed to achieve success.  This is seen time and time again at the 1st of the year.  The “ready to be fit” flock in to the gym with fresh enthusiasm but fizzle out usually before February. Then their are the regulars who have a determined focus to kick their fitness up a notch, but in time they fall back into their same patterns. I gotta say, this really bothers me.  As a personal trainer and lifestyle coach, it should concern me, so I think a lot about this dilemma.


Over the years of counseling clients and listening to their stories of disappointment and struggle, these are the common barriers I’ve found that block people from attaining their fitness and life goals (myself included):
1.Feeling overwhelmed
4.Unrealistic goals
5.Overcomplicating the process

The answer recently dawned on me & it has the potential to set you free!  You simply make the next best decision. You might be saying, “What ? That’s it?”  Yep, it’s that easy!

How this simple truth can help you  overcome these barriers:
•You overindulged during the weekend, normally you would beat yourself up with guilt and negativity. Today what you do is, make the next best decision.
•You checked out a gym, saw all the machines and it overwhelmed you. Take a breath & make the next best decision.  Ask if the gym provides an orientation, or hire a personal trainer for a month that actually gives a care. You spend money on other things, your health and, yes, mental and emotional wellbeing is worth get coached to learn the lay of the land in the gym.
•You started a diet and 2 weeks into it you are starving or you ate something not on the plan. You are so driven to lose the weight by a certain time that you are overcomplicating and making the process harder than it needs to be.  Step back and make the next best decision.


Teddy Roosevelt, a man who as president sparred in the ring weekly.  Boxing and training forged in him an indomitable spirit.  This man was acquainted with adversity & the pain of loss, but he didn’t allow his unfortunate life events to keep him stuck.  He said, “In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.” 

In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/t/theodorero403358.html#VuqIOwePSubuEQ8m.99
In any moment of decision, the best thing you can do is the right thing, the next best thing is the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can do is nothing.
Read more at http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/t/theodorero403358.html#VuqIOwePSubuEQ8m.99

Each minute & each moment is a fresh opportunity to move you closer to your goal. When you mess up, and you will, forgive yourself and make a better decision.  GET YOURSELF BACK UP, GET BACK IN THE RING & GET SWINGING!  Instead of the bad choices you made in the past crippling you even more in your present and future, gain the wisdom from it and do your best in this day.




Mental Boost To Improve Your Workouts: secret of successful training

021This past week when I went to the gym, I forgot my cell phone.  For a moment I felt like a piece of me was missing, & my boat was a bit rocked.  I mean, what if my friend tries to call?  I won’t be able to research an idea in between sets.  What if I miss a text from someone?  Then I thought it was for the best.  The world can get along fine without me for an hour.

How many people really concentrate and get into their training?  My workout was the better for it because I got into a zone and had present moment attention to the exercise at hand.  The secret to successful training is to put the mind into the muscle.  This means you have to be “IN” your body and feel the muscle you are working.  Feel it, squeeze it and be in control of the weight.  Instead of thinking about your meeting or what you are going to have for dinner, focus on what you are doing.  This time is about you.


This is when you are aware of your thoughts and feelings, but you no longer let them be in the driver’s seat of your behavior or life.


I know I come across as a peaceful, easy-going sweetie pie, but, like everyone, I have my shadows & alter ego;)  I am committed to the practice of self-awareness and the present moment.  Mastering your potential has a lot to do with focus.  You think about the next rep, squat, lay-up or the next dish you are washing.  This can greatly benefit various forms of training, career endeavors & relationships.

One pointed attention enables us to become fully present.  Our minds are quiet and we can enter a flow.  Biblically speaking, Jesus Christ’s life was in the flow.  One example is when he was surrounded by crowds of people, yet he felt a touch of faith on the hem of his garment from a sick & weak woman.  Christ’s life, though short, was powerful and profound.

Learning to be in the moment can lift the quality of your training and life.  Becoming unstoppable depends more on mental focus than physical skill.


Top 4 Exercises For Firm, Tight Abs

Who wouldn’t love swimsuit confidence? The biggest hurdle is having firm & tight abs. There will be endless morning shows & magazine articles about how to pick out the right swimsuit to hide and/or camouflage areas of the body that the winter months have put extra layers on (mostly in all the wrong places).  I don’t want you feeling embarrassed on the beach, sucking in your stomach, or crying in the dressing room.

I propose that you take a different approach & hit those abs every which way but loose! Think about getting your body confidence from the hard work you are bringing into the gym.

The real benefit in training is going to be in your posture.

I know that looking good on the beach is important, but good posture will literally CHANGE YOUR LIFE. This is when the work you put in at the gym & with healthy eating is going to impact your everyday life. You will project confidence daily from the inside out.

I want to be apart of this positive life change, so I am sharing with you my top 4 Ab exercises that will hit every angle of your abs.


This was an ab routine I did this week.  Adjust based on your fitness level.

Hanging Leg raise  4×8-10

Side Crunch  3×10-12

Roll Outs with Barbell  4×10-12

Decline crunch  3×12-15

You can perform this workout once a week along with another ab routine to add a good balance to your training.  I always change-up my ab workouts, but they always follow the format of some type of lower ab, oblique, plank, and upper ab/overall exercises.

I hope this helps!

Keep fitness fun and fresh that way you don’t get bored or stuck.  Yesterday, after I finished up personal training at one of the gyms I work at, I worked my chest and triceps.  I usually don’t train those body parts at this particular gym, so I took advantage of different pieces of equipment.  Sometimes we get stuck in doing the same workouts so maybe try going to a buddy’s gym & working out with him or her for a change of pace.


One of my gyms:)

I have learned that my body taps into more fat burning when I do my cardio at the end of my weight training.  I don’t like doing cardio on a treadmill or elliptical, so I found out there was a bike path close to the gym.  Perfect!  I went for a 30 min run, & it was a fun little adventure.  I got to see the town some and run across a little bridge.  It was nice.

Let fitness be an adventure.  It doesn’t have to be a drudgery.  Find ways to shake it up and make it fun for yourself.  Some people find that entering a race, training for an event, or entering a challenge gives them motivation to extend their comfort zones.


“Keep your waist tight and health will follow throughout your life.”  -Jack Lalanne